If you’re wondering why Stripe is one of the US market’s most anticipated IPOs, these Stripe statistics will give you the answer.

Stripe has emerged as a leading player in the online payment processing business. It’s also the second-largest VC-backed company in the US, behind only SpaceX, packing a valuation of $95 billion, and is one of the market’s most eagerly anticipated IPOs.

It’s often difficult to find information on privately help companies. We’ve collected these Stripe statistics to give a better picture to people who are considering investing in the company or just wondering what all the fuss is about.

Key Findings

  • 1.14 million websites use Stripe to accept payments.
  • Stripe processed $640 billion in payment volume in 2021.
  • Stripe is used by businesses in 47 countries.
  • As of Jan 2023, Stripe is valued at $95 billion.
  • Stripe reached $12 billion in gross revenue in 2021, showing a 62.2% annual increase over the past year.
  • More than 50 customers process over $1 billion each per year on Stripe.

Stripe Revenue

Stripe’s gross revenue worldwide reached $12 billion in 2021, a 62.2% increase over the previous year, fueled by growing e-commerce adoption amid the global pandemic[1].

Stripe’s gross revenue has grown by 4.3x since 2019[2].

Stripe Net Revenue

Stripe recorded almost $2.5 billion in net revenue in 2021 after deducting fees paid to partners like Visa[1].

Stripe EMEA and APAC Revenue

The Stripe unit (headquartered in Dublin, Ireland) responsible for sales in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Asia Pacific region reported $2.255 billion in 2021 revenues, a 66% annual increase from $1.358 billion in 2020[3].

The number of companies using Stripe in the Asia Pacific region increased by 106% in 2021 compared to the previous year[4].

Turnover of UK-based Stripe’s unit (registered in London, United Kingdom) reached £371.13 million in 2021, a 2.01x increase over 2020[5].

Stripe’s Funding

Stripe has raised a total of $2.235 billion in disclosed funding across 12 rounds, including $600 million in its latest funding round, announced in March 2021[6].

Date, Funding type Money raised
March 2011, Seed round $2 million
February 2012, Series A $18 million
July 2012, Series B $20 million
January 2014, Series C $80 million
December 2014, Series C $70 million
July 2015, Series C $100 million
November 2016, Series D $150 million
September 2018, Series E $245 million
January 2019, Series F $100 million
September 2019, Series G $250 million
April 2020, Series G Extension $600 million
March 14, Series H $600 million

Stripe’s Valuation

As of Jan 3, 2023, the CrunchBase Unicorn Board listed a valuation of $95 billion for Stripe[7]. The FinTech unicorn has increased its valuation by almost 370% since August 2018[8] [9] [10] [11] [12].

Date Valuation
May 2011 $38 million
May 2012 $102 million
February 2014 $1.75 billion
February 2015 $3.5 billion
August 2015 $5 billion
November 2016 $9.15 billion
August 2018 $20.25 billion
April 2020 $36 billion
March 2021 $95.6 billion
July 2022 $74 billion

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Stripe Market Share By Region

Based on PipeCandy data, Stripe claims a 68.02% market share of e-commerce payment processing in the United States of America (70.23% in North America). Its market penetration is much more limited in the European Union, where it has a 15.82% market share[13].

Websites Using Stripe

Based on BuiltWith estimates, 1,139,519 live websites use Stripe to accept payments[14].

According to another source (SimilarTech), 1,038,927 websites accept payments using Stripe[15].

Based on PipeCandy analysis, 996,733 active stores process payments via the Stripe platform[13].

Stripe Payment Volume

Based on the company report, Stripe processed over $640 billion in payments in 2021, an increase of 60% over the past year[4].

Stripe payment volume in 2021 grew 4.27x compared to 2019.

To put it in perspective, competing payment processors Square and Adyen reported $168 billion and $516 billion in payment volume in 2021, respectively[16].

Large Customers

According to company data, Stripe has over 50 enterprise customers that process more than $1 billion per year each on Stripe[17].

Stripe Global Availability

Stripe is available for businesses in 47 countries as of December 2022, adding 21 international markets since 2018[18] [19].

Stripe Payment Methods

Stripe supports 48 payment methods across eight payment categories[20].

Stripe Employees

Stripe has around 7,000 employees worldwide following its 14% headcount cut announced in November 2022, which affected over 1,000 employees[21] [22].

Stripe has 24 office locations spread across Asia Pacific, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East, including headquarters in San Francisco and Dublin[23].

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