If you’re like most people, you probably have a closet full of clothes, shoes, and accessories that you never use. Perhaps they don’t match your style, their size isn’t right, or maybe you’ve just never had the opportunity to wear them.

Whatever the case is, there’s no point in keeping them. It’s in your best interest to get rid of them.

Donating could be a great option: you’d be giving your clothes to the people who truly need them. However, if you’re strapped for cash, struggling to pay debts, and living paycheck to paycheck, you might be better off selling your used clothes.

Fortunately, plenty of online and offline stores are trying to keep used clothing that’s in great condition out of landfills, offering valuable compensation to sellers who want to do the same.

Let’s look at some of the best places to sell used clothes for cash.

Where to Sell Used Clothes Online

With the rising interest in “circular fashion,” many platforms have started offering opportunities to individuals to take part in the movement and give their used goods a second life.

Some of the most popular options include Facebook Marketplace or sites such as eBay, Etsy, and VarageSale. However, you’ll have more success by looking into platforms that specialize in clothing and accessories. After all, their visitors are already interested in clothing, specifically, so making a quick sale is much easier.

1. Swap

Swap is one of the most popular sites for selling pre-owned maternity clothes and clothes for babies, children, men, and women. You can even use it to sell shoes and accessories, as long as they are in excellent condition.

The platform has stringent acceptance guidelines and criteria. Any clothes you want to sell cannot have stains, odors, or pet hairs. You cannot send clothes from niche brands or sell items such as bridesmaid or prom dresses, custom-made clothing, or fur clothes.

If your items meet these (and other) criteria, you can fill out an application, get in touch with Swap’s Premier Seller Teams, and send your first batch of clothing for an inspection. If your items are accepted, Swap will market them and send you a commission once they’re sold.

Website www.swap.com
Best for Clothes for the whole family, as long as they are in good condition.
Cost 85% cash fee or receive 20% store credit for items priced $8.00 and under 30% cash fee or receive 20% store credit for items priced $8.01 and over
Payout options Store credit or PayPal
App Android

2. Depop

If your closet is overflowing with trendy, youthful outfits, Depop could be a much better choice for you than Swap. With the vast majority of its audience being 26 years of age and under, it could be the perfect platform for you to fund your way through college or earn some money on the side without putting in too much effort.

Depop is an app that functions very much like Instagram. If you want to increase your income from it, you’ll want to focus on aesthetics, sharing high-quality photos, posing in the clothes you’re trying to sell, and giving other users outfit inspirations.

Easy to use, charging a small flat commission of 10%, and convenient, Depop can be a fine choice if you have stylish clothes in good condition.

Website www.depop.com
Best for Clothes for teens and young adults
Cost Flat 10% fee
Payout options Depop Payments, PayPal
App Android/ iOS

3. Poshmark

Though it sounds somewhat exclusive, Poshmark is an excellent choice if you have used clothes you want to get rid of. It accepts many renowned brands, from mid-range fashion brands like Target, H&M, and Zara all the way up to luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent.

Poshmark is exceptionally easy to use. When you create a seller’s account, all you have to do is snap a few pictures of the items you want to sell, list them, and add descriptions. Once you’ve found a buyer, Poshmark will send you a prepaid shipping label, so all you have to do is pack your clothes and ship them off.

For more success on the platform, it’s best to add at least five to ten listings, as sellers with bigger offerings tend to attract more buyers.

Website www.poshmark.com
Best for Trendy brand-name items
Cost $2.95 fee for items priced $14.99 and under 20% fee for items priced $15.00 and over
Payout options Direct deposit
App Android/ iOS

📚 Read about how one high school choir teacher earned over $25K in one year selling on Poshmark: How to sell on Poshmark​.

4. Gear Trade

Although most sites you can use for selling your used clothes allow you to list items belonging to athletic or athleisure categories, you won’t always find buyers on them. Therefore, if you’re an outdoorsy person with plenty of outdoor clothing, gear, and equipment you no longer use, it’s best to join Gear Trade.

Developed to keep high-quality outdoor clothing out of landfills, Gear Trade makes it easy for your hiking, camping, hunting, and other items to find a second home.

When you’re ready to part with your outdoor clothing, request a free shipping label from Gear Trade and send it away. Experts on the platform will assess the value of your items, and you’ll get 48 hours to change your price if you want to. You’ll get paid as soon as your items are sold.

Website www.geartrade.com
Best for Outdoor clothing
Cost 70% to 85% fee for items priced up to $49.99, 50% to 70% fee for items priced up to $144.99, 30% to 50% fee for items priced up to $564.99, 30% fee for items priced $565.00 and over
Payout options Store credit, Venmo, PayPal
App N/A

5. Vestiaire Collective 

At first glance, Vestiaire Collective doesn’t seem like a great platform for the average seller with the average closet. As soon as you visit the site, you’ll see clothing, accessories, and jewelry from some of the most expensive luxury brands.

While exclusive pieces are certainly the platform’s focus, Vestiaire Collective accepts items from thousands of brands, including Abercrombie & Fitch, Nike, Ann Taylor, American Eagle, and more.

Regardless of the brands that you have in your closet, you can only sell on this platform if your items look almost brand new. Everything you send will go through an authentication and quality control process.

If your items are accepted and there’s a buyer, Vestiaire Collective will send you a prepaid shopping label, and you’ll receive money as soon as your package is delivered.

Website us.vestiairecollective.com
Best for Higher-end apparel
Cost $12 fee for items priced $99 and under. 12% fee for items priced between $100 and $15,499. $2,000 fee for items priced $16,500 and over
Payout options Direct deposit, PayPal
App Android/ iOS

6. Tradesy 

Tradesy started as an independent luxury goods marketplace. It was acquired by Vestiaire Collective earlier in 2022, so the entire process of selling on the platform is very much like selling on Vestiaire Collective.

You can send all the same brands, as acceptance criteria don’t differ between Vestiaire Collective and Tradesy.

What sets this platform apart is that you can still keep your earnings if the buyer returns the items. As long as your product descriptions and images are truthful, Tradesy will handle all returns.

Website www.tradesy.com
Best for Women’s higher-end apparel
Cost $7.50 fee for items priced at $49.00 and under. 19.8% fee for items priced $50.00 and over.
Payout options Direct deposit, PayPal
App iOS

7. Crossroads

If you want to get rid of trendy clothing from brands such as Levi’s, Anthropologie, Nike, Lululemon, Urban Outfitters, and more, Crossroads can be a great platform for you.

Specializing in trendy clothing that appeals to younger adults, Crossroads accepts all clothing, shoes, and accessories – even vintage ones – that are in excellent condition.

When you want to depart with your items, you can request a bag with a shipping label from Crossroads, or you can visit one of their physical locations around the US and drop your clothes off in person.

Website www.crossroadstrading.com
Best for Trendy clothing
Cost 50% fee for items priced at $199.99 and under. 45% fee for items priced between $200 and $999.99. 35% fee for items priced between $1,000 and 4,999.99. 30% fee for items priced $5,000 and over.
Payout options Zelle
App Android/ iOS

8. ThredUp

In most cases, selling your used clothes online takes a bit of effort. Depending on the platform, you’ll need to carefully select which items you’ll sell, take professional-looking photos of your clothes, stay in touch with potential buyers, and more. Things are different with ThreadUp.

The platform was designed as a convenient solution for sellers, requiring virtually no effort on your part.

As long as your clothes are in good condition, without alterations, excessive signs of wear, or damage, you simply have to ship them to ThreadUp, and the platform will do the rest. Experts at ThreadUp take photos, create listings, and ship to buyers, so you don’t have to be involved in the process whatsoever.

Website www.thredup.com
Best for Low-effort selling
Cost 85% to 97% fee for items priced between $5.00 and 19.99. 70% to 85% fee for items priced between $20.00 and $49.99. 40% to 70% fee for items priced between $50.00 and $99.99. 20% to 40% fee for items priced between $100.00 and $199.99. 20% fee for items priced $200.00 and over.
Payout options Store credit, Stripe, PayPal
App Android/ iOS

9. Queenly

Queenly is a small platform established only in 2019. However, it’s quickly become one of the best places to buy and sell gently used formal clothing, including bridal dresses, prom dresses, and more.

You’ll need to download the app to start selling on the platform. Upload high-quality photos, include a detailed description, and set your price. When you’re ready to ship your formalwear to the buyer, Queenly will send you a prepaid shipping label, and it’s up to you simply to ship it.

You’ll ship items under $500.00 directly to the buyer. Queenly will need to perform a quality check on more expensive items, so you’ll need to send anything selling for over $500.00 to Queenly first.

Website www.queenly.com
Best for Women’s formal clothes
Cost Flat 20% fee
Payout options PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, Cash App
App Android/ iOS

10. Mercari

Although you can sell anything from electronics to games, children’s toys, and seasonal decor on Mercari, the platform is mostly filled with clothes listings, making it a great option for earning some extra cash while decluttering your closet.

You’ll need to take item pictures yourself to create listings. To attract buyers and secure a sale faster, browse through the marketplace first and see what similar items are selling for.

Once you’ve set your price, wait for buyers to reach out to you, then ship your items within three days. You can have carriers from FedEx, USPS, or UPS come directly to you to pick up the box, so you won’t have to go out of your way to ship it.

If you use Instant pay, you can receive your money as soon as your buyer gives you a rating.

Website www.mercari.com
Best for Women’s, men’s, and kids’ clothes
Cost Flat 10% fee
Payout options Instant pay, Direct deposit
App Android/ iOS

11. Flyp

Like Tradesy and Vestiaire Collective, Flyp prioritizes luxury designer brands but is open to many popular mid-range brands as well.

Selling your used clothes on Flyp is a bit more complicated than selling on other platforms. You’ll need to take pictures of the items you want to sell and upload them to the platform. Interested Pro Sellers will reach out to you, giving you a price estimate and their commission fee (separate from the Flyp service fee). If several Pro Sellers reach out to you, you can choose who you want to collaborate with.

Once you have a Pro Seller, you will ship them your item using Flyp’s prepaid shipping label. The Pro Seller will start promoting your items, taking better pictures, and communicating with interested buyers.

Once the Pro Seller makes a sale and receives their funds, you will receive your payment.

Website www.joinflyp.com
Best for Popular and designer brands
Cost Flat 5% service fee, 30% to 50% Pro Seller fee
Payout options Direct deposit, Stripe
App Android/ iOS

12. Vinted

Whether you have an odd designer item you never use, a vintage outfit left to you by your grandmother, or just a run-of-the-mill clothing set you want to get rid of, Vinted is there to help you sell it.

It’s one of the rare platforms that charges no commission or service fees to the sellers. 100% of the profits you make belong to you. Buyers, on the other hand, pay a small fee when purchasing items from the site.

You can upload up to 20 photos per item, so as a general rule of thumb, you’ll want to have at least 10 to increase your chances of making a sale.

Website www.vinted.com
Best for Vintage clothing
Cost No seller fees
Payout options Vinted Wallet
App Android/ iOS

13. Grailed

Initially designed solely for used menswear, Grailed now accepts womenswear as well, though the focus is still on men’s clothing.

To make a listing on the platform and, ultimately, a sale, you’ll need to be more involved than on some other sites.

Create a seller’s account, take a few high-quality photos of the items you want to sell, and upload them. You’ll need at least three photos, though the more, the merrier. Include detailed information about the piece, including the brand, size, measurements, color, and condition. It’s also best to include your shipping policy.

Website www.grailed.com
Best for Men’s Clothing
Cost Flat 9% fee
Payout options Direct deposit, PayPal
App iOS

14. Kidizen

If you have kids in your family, Kidizen is just the platform you need. Considering that most kids outgrow their clothing before they’ve had a chance to wear it more than a few times, you likely have an overabundance of almost brand-new kids’ outfits just sitting away somewhere, creating nothing more than clutter.

On Kidizen, you have two options when it comes to selling your kids’ outgrown clothes. You can set up a “storefront” and manage all your listings yourself, or you can work with Kidizen’s personal sellers, called “Style Scouts,” who can take care of everything for you.

To entice buyers, it’s in your best interest to promote seasonal items: warm clothes in winter or light clothes in summer.

If you have any kids’ shoes, accessories, toys, or books, you can use Kisizen to sell them as well.

Website www.kidizen.com
Best for Kids’ clothing
Cost Flat 12% fee
Payout options Direct deposit, PayPal
App Android/ iOS

Where to Sell Used Clothes in Person

Although using online stores and platforms to sell your used clothes is generally the more convenient option, there are also many brick-and-mortar stores you can visit when you want to turn used clothes into extra money.

Here are some of your best options.

1. Once Upon a Child

Once Upon a Child is a national chain store specializing in baby and kids’ clothing. You can find its stores all across the US, all of which accept gently used kids’ clothing in good condition. Whether you have babywear, outerwear, dresses, or costumes, you can drop them off at the store closest to you.

If you want to get the most money for your items, it’s best to call the store before you visit and find out what’s currently in demand.

Website www.onceuponachild.com
Best for Kids’ clothing
Cost 50% to 70% fee
Payout options Cash Check, Store credit, Trade
App N/A

2. Buffalo Exchange

Though Buffalo Exchange will pay you more money for branded, virtually new men’s and women’s clothing, the stores will accept anything stylish and in good condition. Don’t be afraid to bring whatever’s in your closet.

You can always check with the store in advance to see what’s currently selling and pack suitable clothes that will fetch you a higher price.

Website sellbymail.buffaloexchange.com
Best for Stylish, off-brand men’s and women’s clothes
Cost 75% fee for cashback, 50% fee for Digital Store Trade Card
Payout options PayPal
App N/A

3. Uptown Cheapskate

Uptown Cheapskate has over a hundred locations around the US, so it could be a great option for you if you have unnecessary clothes for teens and young adults. As always, it’s a plus if you have items from well-known brands like Zara or Target, but the stores will accept anything that’s currently trending and in excellent condition.

In some stores, you can even fetch a great price for vintage or retro clothes, though that heavily depends on your region and the popularity of such styles.

Website www.uptowncheapskate.com
Best for Clothes for teens and young adults
Cost 65% to 75% fee
Payout options Cash
App N/A

4. Plato’s Closet

Plato’s Closet mostly accepts brand-name clothing and accessories from brands such as Levi’s, Abercrombie & Fitch, Guess, American Eagle, ASOS Curve, and the like. However, as with most other brick-and-mortar stores, you might be able to sell off-brand clothing in like-new condition if the style is trending at the moment.

It’s always best to call the store you’re planning to visit in advance to see when it’s convenient for you to bring in your items. It will usually take about 30 minutes for the store employees to go through the things you’ve brought in.

Website www.platoscloset.com
Best for Brand-name clothing for teens and young adults
Cost Approximately 70% fee
Payout options Cash
App N/A

5. Clothes Mentor

Clothes Mentor has dozens of locations across the US and is one of the most popular chains for selling lightly used women’s clothes. The stores will accept virtually any item that’s stylish, clean, and has no visible damage.

You can visit any store in your vicinity to sell women’s clothing between sizes 0 and 26, women’s shoes, accessories, and handbags.

Website www.clothesmentor.com
Best for Brand-name clothing for women
Cost 70% to 75% fee
Payout options Cash
App Android/ iOS

6. Beacon’s Closet

There are currently only four Beacon’s Closet stores in the US, three of them located in Brooklyn and one in New York. However, the good news is that the stores accept in-person drop-offs and mailed items, so if there are no stores in your area, you can bag your items and ship them.

The stores are somewhat selective of the items they accept, primarily focusing on seasonal clothing. However, they accept both modern and vintage clothes, shoes, and accessories depending on the demand and current inventory.

Website www.beaconscloset.com
Best for Seasonal clothing
Cost 70% cash fee, 50% store credit fee
Payout options Cash, Store credit, PayPal, Venmo, Apple Cash
App N/A

How to Get the Most Money For Your Used Clothes

Depending on your closet, the styles you enjoy, and the brands you tend to buy, you could receive hefty payments for selling your used clothing online or in person. However, don’t expect to get rich from this.

Most stores will sell your items for around half their retail price, and they will keep at least half the profits from the sale. You could likely make more money flipping items if you’re good at it.

Still, you can make a profit. It’s much better to sell the clothes you don’t wear than let them take up space in your closet or send them to the landfills. Moreover, there are a few ways to get the most money for your efforts. Take a look.

1. Take High-Quality Pictures

On online platforms, the quality of your pictures makes all the difference. No one wants to buy an item if its picture is blurry and they cannot see all the details.

Make sure to take photos in excellent lighting with a good camera. Photograph your clothes from multiple angles, take close-ups of interesting details, and take clear photos of any signs of wear and tear.

2. Provide Details About Your Items

Since the buyers on online platforms cannot learn everything they need to know about your clothes from photos alone, you’ll need to add detailed descriptions. Include the size alongside precise measurements. Mention the color, as every device will render the photo’s color differently, give details about the condition, and more.

3. Only Sell Items in Good Condition

While it’s tempting to try and sell every single item from your closet that you don’t wear, that’s not always in your best interest. If you start offering clothing in poor condition, your potential buyers will think less of the items you have that are in good condition.

Therefore, ensure that every piece of clothing you’re selling is clean, with no significant wear and tear, no stains, odors, pet hair, and other damage. If your clothes are too damaged to sell, you can always see whether you can recycle them.

4. Set Realistic Prices

If your prices are significantly higher (or even significantly lower) than similar items from other sellers, you will only push interested buyers away. Do some research on the platform you choose to find out how much similar items are selling for, then set your prices accordingly.

5. Be Strategic With Your Listings

If you want to make the most money out of your used clothes, consider when to promote which items. Summer clothes tend to be much cheaper in winter, for instance, so you’ll want to avoid listing them during this time. Wait for the warmer months.

Pay close attention to the platforms you’re using. You’ll usually fetch a better price when you use sites specializing in specific clothes. Kids’ clothes, for instance, will often sell for a higher price on platforms that focus on kids’ clothing than on platforms that prioritize adult men’s and women’s clothing.

Final thoughts

Unless you have a closet filled with luxury brands and exclusive clothes, you won’t get rich from selling your used clothes for money. However, you can increase your disposable income and make it a little less difficult to make ends meet.

You’ll earn some cash, free your home from unnecessary clutter, and take part in the circular fashion trend, all excellent reasons to sell your used clothing to online and brick-and-mortar stores!

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