Facebook marketing is one of the most powerful tools available to business owners today, but it can also be time-consuming. Today we’ll take a look at WordPress Facebook Plugins that will make it easier to maintain a consistent Facebook presence, drive website users to your Facebook page, and create more effective Facebook advertising campaigns.

Why use WordPress Facebook plugins

Facebook has over 2.3 billion monthly active users; 83% of women on the internet and 75% of men who use the internet are on Facebook. Some kind of presence on Facebook is essential if you want to grow your business.

7 best #WordPress #Facebook plugins to maximize audience engagement across platforms
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However, organic reach has been dropping for years, and took a massive hit when Facebook’s News Feed algorithm changed in 2018. In response, some marketers have turned to Facebook advertising and others have stopped marketing on Facebook altogether.

The best WordPress Facebook plugins make it easy to maintain a regular content schedule on Facebook and encourage interaction on your Facebook page without doing an enormous amount of work. This allows you to maintain a presence on Facebook while focusing the majority of your efforts on other social media platforms.

The best WordPress Facebook plugins

1. Custom Facebook Feed

Custom Facebook Feed gives you the ability to display Facebook feeds directly on your WordPress website. You can display the feed of any public Facebook page or even display multiple feeds on one site.

Custom Facebook Feed’s default settings configure the feed to match your existing website aesthetic, but you can also fully customize how feeds appear on your site.


  • 1-Minute setup
  • Multi-feed display with ability to display the feed from any public Facebook page
  • Responsive, mobile-friendly display
  • Complete aesthetic customization
  • Content displayed is crawlable by search engines, boosting existing SEO efforts
  • Ability to add custom CSS
  • Set custom caching frequency to ensure that posts load “lightning fast”
  • Show and/or hide certain parts of Facebook posts
  • Supports Facebook tags – Creates links to profiles or pages when you use the “@” symbol to tag people in posts
  • Customize the format of dates attached to posts
  • Create a custom header for the feed display on your website
  • i18n support so you can display the feed in your language

Who this plugin is for: Any brand that posts regularly to its Facebook page and wants to integrate Facebook more effectively with their website.

Price: Custom Facebook Feed is free from WordPress.org, or you can spring for the pro version at $49 for one website or $99 for five websites.

2. Pixel Cat

Pixel Cat, formerly known as “Facebook Conversion Pixel”, allows you to add the Facebook Pixel to your WordPress site, track conversions, optimize your Facebook ads, and create custom retargeting audiences.


  • Create “Standard Events” – Use a point-and-click editor to create “Standard Events”, which allow you to track conversions, optimize Facebook advertisements, and build custom audiences.
  • Customize event parameters to measure your Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Create Events that trigger based on the pages, posts, categories, and/or tags specific visitors viewed, then use that information to create custom audiences
  • Automatically track searches conducted on your site
  • Exclude team members so their visits don’t pollute your Pixel statistics

Who this plugin is for: Pixel Cat is one of the best WordPress Facebook plugins for anyone who wants to conduct effective Facebook advertising campaigns.

Price: You can get Pixel Cat free from WordPress.org or purchase Pixel Cat Premium at $89 for one license or $99 for 2-5 site licenses.

3. Facebook Widget

Facebook Widget is a plugin designed to help you display the number of Facebook page likes you have, your page’s Facebook timeline, and more. The widget also makes it easy for newcomers to like your Facebook page while they’re on your website.


  • Easy configuration, with no need for code
  • Option to add your own custom Facebook application ID or use a default ID with your Facebook page URL
  • Choice to show or hide your page’s timeline
  • Ability to display profile photos and a small header
  • Shortcode support
  • Fast & helpful customer support

Who this plugin is for: Facebook Widget is one of the best WordPress Facebook plugins for business owners who want to encourage some organic growth on their Facebook page without spending an enormous amount of time on it.

Price: Free from WordPress.org.

4. Thumb Fixer for Facebook

Thumb Fixer for Facebook is a simple plugin that makes sure your articles are displayed with the proper thumbnail image when people share them on Facebook. The plugin automatically uses the featured image associated with an article, but you can also specify a different image from within the post.


  • Specify Open Graph Object Types to customize display settings for posts and pages
  • Connect to a Facebook App if you have one
  • Automatically display shared posts and pages with featured images
  • Select fall-back images for posts or pages to use if they have no featured image
  • Preview what shares of your posts and pages will look like on Facebook

Who this plugin is for: Thumb Fixer for Facebook is one of the best WordPress Facebook plugins for WordPress site owners who have issues with Facebook displaying the wrong images when their posts are shared.

Price: Free from WordPress.org.

5. Live Chat with Facebook Messenger by Zotabox

Live Chat with Facebook Messenger is a plugin designed to bring the customer service potential of Facebook Messenger directly to your website. As part of the larger Zotabox package, this plugin also allows you to integrate Facebook with your WordPress site in a variety of other ways to maximize your promotion capabilities.


  • Easy popup creation for special promotions
  • Header bar with countdown timer and coupon-making capabilities
  • Landing page slider
  • Slide out box creator
  • Push notifications
  • Facebook Live Chat
  • Social follow buttons
  • Easy store locator
  • Testimonial collection
  • Contact form creator
  • Stickers
  • Promo boxes
  • Ability to upload your own custom banner for all displays
  • Social mobile tools that allow customers to contact you from phones and other mobile devices
  • EU cookie notification for full GDPR compliance
  • Back to Top buttons to place at the bottom of your posts and pages

Who this plugin is for: The Live Chat with Facebook Messenger plugin is a powerful tool for anyone who wants to improve engagement and conversions on their website.

Price: Free from WordPress.org for the first 1,000 monthly views. After that, Zotabox plans range from $9.99/month to $149.99/month.

6. WordPress Social Login

WordPress Social Login makes it easy to configure your site so people can log in using their Facebook, Twitter, or Google accounts. This encourages more sign ups and engagement because it means people don’t have to worry about creating a new account and creating a clever, secure password they’ll actually remember.


  • Allow social login with Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Instagram, Amazon, Windows Live, Salesforce, and Vkontakte
  • Use default social login apps to eliminate setup
  • Ability to connect with existing app IDs for Facebook and Twitter
  • Customize the shape, theme, and size of all social icons
  • Profile completion that prompts user for email & password if none is provided by the social app
  • Assign specific WordPress user roles to people who log in using social login
  • Add social login icons to any page easily with a social icon widget or shortcode
  • Sync social profile picture with WordPress
  • Enable email notifications to stay informed when people use social login on your site
  • Customize login and logout redirect URLs
  • Customize text associated with social login icons
  • Shortcodes available
  • In-plugin support form and ongoing email support

Who this plugin is for: Business owners who want to encourage comments and community building on their blog by allowing social login.

Price: Free from WordPress.org, or you can spring for the premium version at a one-time payment of $19 for the “standard” plan or $49 for the “premium” plan.

7. Revive Old Posts

Our very own Revive Old Posts plugin allows you to automate social media sharing for your WordPress posts. With this plugin you can automatically share new posts when they’re published and share older posts on a regular schedule.


  • Compatible with Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter
  • Choose time between post shares
  • Choose the number of posts to share
  • Specify hashtags to include in shares
  • Include links to your website
  • Use a URL shortener to make links more attractive
  • Integrated with Google Analytics

Who this plugin is for: Anyone who has a significant archive of high-quality articles that they want to drive more traffic to.

Price: Free from WordPress.org, or get the pro version for $75/one site or $149/three sites.

Final thoughts on the best WordPress Facebook plugins

Facebook is an important aspect of every business’s marketing in 2019, but it can easily become a full-time job on its own. Maintaining and growing your Facebook page is easy and fast with this collection of the best WordPress Facebook plugins.

To integrate your website even more deeply with your social media marketing, check out our guides to Instagram WordPress plugins and how to integrate Twitter with your WordPress site.

How to simplify your #SocialMediaMarketing with Facebook plugins for #WordPress
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