In Customer Support the entire company’s got your back. From development to the operations team, we support initiatives to increase your efficiency, allowing you to focus on providing an amazing experience for our clients. You are fully empowered to do your job but more importantly, ensure making the customer’s experience the best it can be. At Vertistudio we offer careers, not jobs. Start out in support and choose your destiny. We train and promote from within and encourage continued learning.


  • Responsible for all customer support issues. That means you’ll be the one our customers turn to when they have a problem and providing the solution should be your top priority!
  • You’ll need to apply creative problem-solving techniques to identify the source of problems while at the same time keeping the customer updated with progress of the issue.
  • You’ll have to take the initiative to learn about the customer, understand their problem, and determine the best way to fix it.
  • You’ll need to be well-versed in all the parts and services involved in running a website. WordPress is at the top of the list, but you’ll need to be familiar with plugins, database servers, DNS, FTP, SFTP, and SMTP to name a few.


  • 1-2 years experience working in technical support or a customer service position.
  • Technical aptitude: you have strong troubleshooting skills and are able to easily identify problem.
  • Basic knowledge of WordPress: you have built, installed or supported a WordPress site.
  • Basic knowledge of DNS: you should know what a CNAME and an A Record is.
  • Basic knowledge of Network fundamentals: You know what a traceroute is and can use ping.
  • Basic knowledge of FTP: If you know what SFTP is and why you should use it, that’s even better.
  • Basic knowledge of linux command line and SSL.
  • Able to type 50 – 60 WPM.
  • Customer focused: You’re a people person who looks forward to helping the person who just called you for help.
  • Team player: Teamwork isn’t something you just talk about, you believe it and help keep it going.
  • Able to multitask: You can handle multiple tickets at once, but you can tell which tickets are priority.
  • Detail oriented: You like to take detailed notes of what you’re doing so others can see what steps you’ve taken to help the customer, we work as a team and having detailed notes is helpful for everyone.
  • Great communicator: As the most visible part of the company, it matters what you say and how you say it.

Nice to Have:

  • Basic knowledge of WordPress Plugins and Themes.

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