"Every day is a release day."

- Devs Team

Projects we care about

From themes to weekly newsletters, and from WordPress blogs to free tech tools:

A hub for WordPress professionals:
—tutorials, jobs and friendly tools.
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Option Calculators and Stock Screeners
Tech, but weird.
A weekly newsletter with all the bad stuff
on the internet.
Premium WordPress themes, templates and plugins.
A hub for social media professionals and marketers.
Tools for social media automation:
Revive Old Post & Revive Network 
500+ Free stock photos
For personal and commercial use.

A simple domain generator tool that helps find available catchy domains. 
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Improve your website loading speed
On-the-fly image handling.
Automatic Responsive Images
Device based optimizations

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Expert-driven advice and resources to help you earn, save and grow your money. 


In-depth WordPress tutorials for developers.

What keeps us going

(since 2012)

We started small, so we appreciate the value that comes with each person in our team. 

We’re spread across the world, but our work keeps us close together. Meet our team!

You are welcome to join us!


We are passionate about our work and do things because we believe in them. We’re over-involved and that’s how we like it.


We value people most for their character, for being truthful with themselves and with others. We're open about everything we do.


Here, everyone is encouraged to take initiative and give their best. Did we mention we always love a good challenge?

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Oh, and we’re not hiding behind a business curtain of any kind. We’re real guys and gals. You can reach us directly, via email, Twitter, support ticket, however you like.

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