Since its launch in 2016, TikTok has built a mass following of over 1 billion users, redefining modern culture and media consumption with short-form videos curated by a proprietary algorithm.

Want to know more about TikTok and its adoption across the world? We’ve compiled a list of the most recent TikTok statistics to answer all your questions about the ByteDance-owned platform. 

Key Findings 

  • TikTok has 1 billion active users accessing the platform at least once per month across 171 markets. 
  • 94.1 million Americans use TikTok at least once a month. 
  • Nearly 2 in 4 US TikTok users are adults under 34 years old. 
  • TikTok has hit 4 billion in all-time downloads across iOS and Android devices. 
  • TikTok users in the US spend an average of 28.7 hours on the app. 
  • 29% of TikTok users on Android phones use the app every day. 

How Many People Are on TikTok?

TikTok has 1 billion monthly active users across 171 countries[1, 2]

Only 6 social media platforms crossed the threshold of 1 billion active users, including Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram. 

It took 5.1 years for TikTok to build an engaged audience of 1 billion monthly active users, making it the 2nd fastest growing social media service after Facebook Messenger (which took 4.9 years). 

How Many Americans Use TikTok?

TikTok has 94.1 million active users in the United States accessing the social media platform at least once per month. That’s a 2.64x increase since 2019.[3]

TikTok is expected to surpass 100 million monthly active users in the US alone by 2024.

Year US TikTok MAUs
2019 35.7 million
2020 66.9 million
2021 86.9 million 
2022 94.1 million
2023 97.6 million 
2024 100.7 million
2025 103.3 million

TikTok User Base in the UK 

TikTok has amassed a monthly active user base of 17.5 million in the United Kingdom, adding 2 million new users since 2021. For perspective, nearly a third (28.9%) of British internet users use the TikTok app at least once per month.[4]

Year UK TikTok MAUs
2021 15.5 million 
2022 17.5 million
2023 18.7 million
2024 19.6 million
2025 20.4 million
2026 21.1 million

TikTok Users by Age & Gender

Over a quarter (25.2%) of American monthly active TikTok users are aged 25-34, while nearly half (49.1%) are adults younger than 34. 

Only 13.7% of the TikTok user base in the US are aged 45 and older.[5]

Age group  % of total 
0-11 2.5%
12-17 17.7%
18-24 23.9%
25-34 25.2%
35-44 17.1%
45-54 6.7%
55-64 5.2%
65+  1.8%

TikTok’s advertising audience insights show that the global user base skews slightly female with a 53.1% share, while the remaining 46.9% are male.[6]

TikTok All-Time Worldwide Installs

TikTok (including Douyin on iOS in China) reached 4 billion cumulative installs globally as of November 2022.[7]

TikTok Global Downloads By Quarter

TikTok gained 173 million installs in the third quarter of 2022 across App Store and Google Play combined, reaching 611 million downloads from the beginning of 2022 through November.[8]

TikTok saw a record 318 million quarterly installs worldwide among iOS and Android users in the first three months of 2020. 

Date Installs 
Q1 2018 111M 
Q2 2018 156M
Q3 2018 184M
Q4 2018 206M
Q1 2019 188M 
Q2 2019 157M
Q3 2019 176M 
Q4 2019 201M 
Q1 2020 318M 
Q2 2020 301M
Q3 2020 188M 
Q4 2020 174M
Q1 2021 178M 
Q2 2021 205M
Q3 2021 186M
Q4 2021 173M 
Q1 2022 175M 
Q2 2022 160M 
Q3 2022 173M 

What’s The Average Time Spent on TikTok? 

TikTok users worldwide spent an average of 22.9 hours per month (45.1 minutes per day) using the platform’s app on Android phones in the second quarter of 2022.[9] For perspective, that’s nearly double (1.96x) of time spent on the Instagram app.

Social app Time per month
Youtube 23.4 hours 
TikTok 22.9 hours
Facebook 19.7 hours
Whatsapp 17.3 hours
Instagram 11.7 hours
Line 11.0 hours
Twitter 5.5 hours
Telegram 4.0 hours
FB Messenger  3.1 hours
Snapchat 3.1 hours

Android users in the United States spent an average of 28.7 hours per month on TikTok in 2022, or 57 minutes per day, based on estimates. Active usage per user has increased by 25.9% since 2021. [10]

For comparison, Facebook US Android users spend 15.5 hours per month on the app, while Instagram users engage with the platform for 7.8 hours per month. 

Social network  Time per month
TikTok  28.7 hours (22.8 hours) 
Facebook 15.5 hours (16.8 hours) 
Instagram 7.8 hours (7.6 hours) 
Snapchat 6.1 hours (5.8 hours) 

eMarketer analysis suggests TikTok adult users in the United States spent an average of 45.8 minutes per day, surpassing Youtube at 45.6 minutes and Twitter at 34.8 minutes.[11]

Social media platform  Time per day
TikTok  45.8 minutes
YouTube 45.6 minutes
Twitter 34.8 minutes
Snapchat 30.4 minutes
Facebook 30.1 minutes
Instagram 30.1 minutes
Reddit 23.8 minutes

TikTok User Engagement 

29% of Android users worldwide with the TikTok app on their phones used the ByteDance-owned social platform every day in Q2 2022, SensorTower analysis suggests.[12]

Share of the power users is 2nd highest among social apps, after Instagram, with 39% of active installs. 

Share of active installs that opened app every day in Q2 2022, worldwide among Android users 

Social App % of Users
Instagram 39%
TikTok 29%
Facebook 27%
Snapchat 26%
Youtube 20%
Twitter 18%

Advertising on TikTok: Advertisers, Buyers & Revenue

Based on Pathmatics data, Amazon is the largest advertiser on TikTok by US Ad Budget in Q3 2022, with nearly $25 million in ad spending in 3 months of 2022 alone.[13]

Google, Disney, Hulu, and Samsung took the remaining spots in the top 5 ranking of largest advertisers on TikTok in the US in Q3 2022. 

Over 20 advertisers had a quarterly advertising budget of over $5 million on TikTok in the United States in Q3 2022. 

Largest Advertisers by US Ad Spending on TikTok

# Advertiser
1 Amazon
2 Disney
3 Hulu
4 Samsung
5 DoorDash
7 Apple
8 Yum! Brands
9 P&G
10 L’Oreal
11 Uber
12 McDonald’s
13 RiverGame
14 Take-Two Interactive
15 PepsiCo
16 Hershey
17 American Eagle
18 Bumble
19 Meta Platforms

US TikTok Social Buyers

23.7 million American TikTok users are estimated to have made at least one purchase via the TikTok social platform, accounting for 27.3% of total TikTok users in the country.[15]

Year US TikTok Social Buyers
2020 3.5 million
2021 13.7 million
2022 23.7 million
2023 33.3 million
2024 35.8 million
2025 37.8 million
2026 39.5 million

More US TikTok users are embracing social commerce on the platforms, with an annual buyers increase of 72.3% in 2022 over 2021. 

To compare, Meta-owned platforms – Instagram and Facebook are estimated to reach 41 million buyers and 63.5 million buyers in 2022, respectively. 

TikTok Net Advertising Revenue

TikTok is estimated to generate $9.89 billion in net advertising revenue in 2022, that’s a 2.55x increase over the past year and accounts for 1.7% of total digital ad revenues.[14]

Year TikTok net ad revenues
2020 $1.41 billion
2021 $3.88 billion
2022 $9.89 billion
2023 $14.15 billion
2024 $18.49 billion 

While having a modest 1.7% share, TikTok’s global ad revenues are expected to surpass Twitter’s ad business by 2.12 times (with $4.67 billion in worldwide ad revenue) in 2022. 

TikTok is forecasted to bring in annual revenue of $18.49 billion by 2024, increasing its share in the global digital ad market to 2.7%. 

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