Are you paying too much for cable? Are you drowning in medical debt? If so, you can try calling your provider to negotiate a lower bill, or you can hire a company that offers bill negotiation services. 

The average cable package bill is $217.42/month[1]. If a successful cable bill negotiation landed you 20% in savings, that would equal $521.80 in savings in a single year! 

Haggling over bills isn’t fun, and many people don’t want to do it. Many don’t even know it’s possible. Their own bills, so there are now companies with bill negotiation experts who can help you out for a small fee. 

So let’s take a look at some of the best bill negotiation services, what kind of bills they can help you with and how much they charge. 

What Are Bill Negotiation Services and How Do They Work?

Companies that offer bill negotiation services will speak with your providers on your behalf to negotiate lower prices. For instance, they can reduce your cable bill for 1 year by negotiating a promotional price with your cable company. 

They will take a percentage of your savings as their fee when they are successful. They take zero fees when they are unsuccessful.

Some companies can negotiate various bills, while others specialize in specific industries (i.e., medical bills). 

You can negotiate your bills yourself for free, but many people don’t have the time or the negotiating skills. Hiring a bill negotiation company can be a worthwhile option. 

Best Bill Negotiation Services

In this article, we’ll look at 11 different bill negotiation services. Each offers bill negotiation services to individuals, and a few even offer services to businesses and non-profits.

  1. Truebill – Cable, cell phone, home security
  2. Billshark – Internet, phone, TV, cell phone, home security
  3. Trim – Phone, internet, cable, credit card APR, medical bills
  4. BillCutterz – Cell phone, TV, internet, phone, home security, satellite radio, electricity (TX only)
  5. BillTrim – Cable, internet, home security, electricity, insurance
  6. BillFixers – Cell phone, internet, phone, TV, radio, home security, subscriptions
  7. Bill Advisor – Cell phone, internet, TV, phone, insurance, utilities (limited), home security, subscriptions
  8. Bill Saver – Cell phone, internet, radio, TV
  9. Mint – Internet, phone, tv, mobile, home security
  10. CoPatient – Medical bills
  11. Resolve Medical Bills – Medical bills

We’ll evaluate the pros and cons of the above companies and summarize their services and fees.

1. Truebill

From the RocketMortgage brand comes Truebill, an app that offers a variety of tools and resources for helping customers manage their finances. 

Truebill can negotiate and lower your cell phone, cable, and security bills. And you can request cancellation on various recurring subscriptions. They claim to have saved their customers more than $100 million so far. 

Truebill homepage

Pro & Cons

✔ Pros

  • Set your own price 
  • Access to free credit scores
  • Subscription cancellation service

❌ Cons

  • No payment plans

Features & Pricing

The Truebill app (available for Apple and Android devices) is free to use and comes with various services, including

  • Subscription management
  • Credit score tracking 
  • Budget analysis
  • Savings tools

Truebill does charge for their bill negotiation services, but they allow you to set your own price. When requesting a bill negotiation, you can set a rate between 30% and 60% of your first year’s savings. If the bill negotiation is unsuccessful, you won’t owe anything. 

👉 So, if they save you $20/month on your phone bill and you set a 40% rate, you’ll owe them $96, due immediately as they don’t offer payment plans.  

Visit Truebill

2. Billshark

Billshark offers dedicated bill negotiation and subscription cancellation services to individuals and small businesses. 

They advertise a 90% success rate on their bill negotiation services for internet, phone, tv, mobile, home security services, and more. 

The subscription cancellation service provided by Billshark helps you cancel various unwanted monthly subscriptions and memberships like Hulu, Netflix, etc. 

Billshark homepage

Pro & Cons

✔ Pros

  • Installment plans
  • Services offered to individuals and businesses
  • Available in app & desktop format

❌ Cons

  • Fee for using an installment plan

Features & Pricing

Billshark’s negotiation services are charged at 40% of your bill savings for up to two years. So, if they save you $20/month on your cable bill, they’ll invoice you for $192. You can pay the full total or set up an installment plan for a $9 fee. 

Billshark will automatically reevaluate your bill again when your promotion is set to expire and start negotiations again. 

You’ll be charged a flat $9 fee for each subscription you request to be canceled. 

Visit Billshark

3. Trim

Trim is a service that allows you to manage your expenses and debt by helping to negotiate lower bills (i.e., phone and internet), cancel unused subscriptions, negotiate lower APRs (on credit cards), grow your savings, and negotiate medical bills. 

Trim claims that its service is used by 2 million customers and that it saves them an average of $620 a year, for over $70 million in total savings.

Trim homepage

Pro & Cons

✔ Pros

  • Low bill negotiation fees
  • Negotiate credit card APRs
  • Free savings account

❌ Cons

  • Not all services are available to everyone

Features & Pricing

Many of Trim’s core services are free. Their savings account, cancel subscriptions feature, medical bill negotiations, and more are all free. 

Trim can currently negotiate bills for phone, internet, cable, and wireless services. If they successfully lower your bill, they will charge you 15% of your 1st-year savings. So if they save you $20/month on your internet bill, you will owe them $36. 

😞 Unfortunately, Trim’s medical bill and bank APR negotiation services are unavailable in the following states: AK, AR, CT, DC, MA, RI & VT

Trim used to charge for services on a subscription model but has since transitioned to a per bill model. 

Visit Trim

4. BillCutterz

BillCutterz is a service that can help negotiate lower prices on various monthly bills, including utilities. They offer their services to individuals, businesses, and non-profits. 

Their services have been featured on ABC World News

Billcutterz homepage

Pro & Cons

✔ Pros

  • Negotiation utilities
  • Services offered to businesses
  • Pay monthly

❌ Cons

  • 50% savings fee
  • No additional services/resources

Features & Pricing

BillCutterz offers bill negotiation services on a variety of bills, including

  • Cell Phone
  • Cable & Satellite TV
  • Internet
  • Landline Telephone
  • Bundles (Cable / Phone / Internet)
  • Alarm & Security
  • Satellite Radio
  • Electricity (TX only)

For their negotiation service, they will invoice you 50 % of the total savings. So, if they save you $20/month on your electricity bill for 12 months, you owe them $120. You can choose to pay this monthly ($10/month) or upfront for a 10% discount ($108 instead of $120). 

BillCutterz also offers resources for shopping around your auto loan and insurance.

Visit BillCutterz

5. BillTrim

BillTrim is a well-reviewed company that offers bill negotiation services for some of the most common household bills. 

This company claims to have a 93% success rate with lowering bills, and they have excellent reviews from the Better Business Bureau and Trustpilot

Billtrim homepage

Pro & Cons

✔ Pros

  • Quick turnaround time
  • Low fees

❌ Cons

  • No additional services
  • No installment plans

Features & Pricing

BillTrim offers bill negotiation services on cable, internet, home security, electricity, and insurance bill. 

They promise a 24hr turnaround time and only charge you 25% of your total savings as their fee. So, if they managed to save you $20/month on your insurance bill for 1 year, they would invoice you $60. 

Visit BillTrim

6. BillFixers

The services that BillFixers offers are designed to help you find the bills you are overpaying on and negotiate lower rates.

They offer these services to individuals, small businesses, and non-profits. 

Billfixers homepage

Pro & Cons

✔ Pros

  • Monthly billing option
  • Discount for non-profits
  • Fee capped at one year

❌ Cons

  • High savings percentage charge

Features & Pricing

BillFixers works to negotiate some of the most common recurring bills, including cable, phone, and internet services. 

When they are successful, they will charge you 50% of the savings total for your first year. So, if they save you $20/month on your internet bill, they will invoice you for $120. You have the option of paying upfront or monthly. 

If you are a business and use their services, you will be charged for the full length of your savings. So if you save $20/month for 2 years, then you’ll owe them $240. 

The same applies to a non-profit, but you receive a 20% discount

Visit BillFixers

7. Bill Advisor

BillAdvisor is a service that can negotiate a lower rate on a wide variety of recurring bills and subscriptions. 

They report that they have saved their average customer $800+ a year. 

Billadvisor homepage

Pro & Cons

✔ Pros

  • Wide variety of bills
  • Flexible pricing

❌ Cons

  • Difficult cancellation policy

Features & Pricing

Bill Advisor can negotiate lower prices on a variety of bills, including

  • Cell phone
  • Internet
  • TV (satellite & cable)
  • Home phone
  • Insurance (life, auto, etc.)
  • Utilities (limited)
  • Home security
  • Subscription services (i.e., gym memberships, magazines, etc.)

BillAdvisor has two methods for charging their services; per negotiation or subscription-based. 

If you opt to go with the per negotiation model, you’ll be charged 50% of your total savings. So, if they save you $20/month on your gym membership, you’ll owe them $120. 

The subscription model costs $12.99/month regardless of savings. You’ll never need to pay them more than $12.99/month. 

Visit Bill Advisor

8. Bill Saver

Bill negotiation services offered by Bill Saver are provided to individuals and businesses. They also offer limited cancellation services. 

They also offer a blog to help customers better understand financial topics. 

Billsaver homepage

Pro & Cons

✔ Pros

  • Low pricing
  • Support for businesses

❌ Cons

  • No payment plans

Features & Pricing

Bill Saver offers negotiation services for some of the most common monthly bills, including wireless, internet, radio, and television. 

For their services, they will charge 35% of your total savings. So, if they save you $20/month on your satellite bill, you will owe them $84. This total is due in full; they do not offer payment plans.

For their cancellation services, they charge a flat $50 fee. If you want them to try and get your provider’s cancellation fees waived or lowered, they will charge 35% on any cancellation fee savings. 

Visit Bill Saver

9. Mint

Mint is a budgeting app operated by Intuit, the company that owns TurboTax and Credit Karma. 

They offer various services for managing your finances, monitoring your credit, and saving money. As part of their money-saving services, they offer subscription cancellations and bill negotiation through Billshark.

Mint homepage

Pro & Cons

✔ Pros

  • Lots of additional services
  • Installment plans available

❌ Cons

  • You are working with Billshark, not Mint

Features & Pricing

Many of Mint’s services are free, including their budgeting tools and credit monitoring. 

Mint’s bill negotiation services are provided through Billshark, so you’ll need to pay Billshark’s fees. This includes 40% on up to 2 years worth of savings plus a $9 fee if you want to pay in installments. 

If you want to use their subscription cancellation feature, you’ll need to pay $4.99/month for Mint Premium. This package also gets you access to advanced budgeting tools. 

Visit Mint

10. CoPatient

CoPatient offers a service dedicated to helping people lower the price of their medical bills. They primarily partner with employers to allow them to offer these medical bill negotiation services to their employees. 

According to their website, the average savings a customer sees is roughly 20%. 

CoPatient homepage

Pro & Cons

✔ Pros

  • Free services through an employer
  • Medical bill tracker in development
  • Free review of medical bills

❌ Cons

  • Lack of transparent pricing

Features & Pricing

Many customers receive services from CoPatient through their employer, often for free. 

But you can independently contact them to review your medical bills. 

Their standard fee is 35%, but they may choose to set a different fee for cases with significant savings. Unfortunately, you won’t know exactly how much it will cost until you upload your bills and request their services. 

⚠ This company’s shocking lack of transparency on pricing and nearly complete lack of credible reviews may make it one worth skipping unless your employer provides the service. 

Visit CoPatient

11. Resolve Medical Bills

Resolve is a company specializing in negotiating lower rates on medical bills. 

They offer upfront pricing plans than vary depending on the total value of your medical debt. They also have partnerships with nonprofits to offer alternative debt payment options

Resolve’s success rate is pretty high as they quote their customers save on average 60%. 

Resolve Medical Bills homepage

Pro & Cons

✔ Pros

  • Transparent pricing
  • Free consultation

❌ Cons

  • Pay fees upfront

Features & Pricing

How much resolve will charge you depends on the dollar total of your medical bill and the total amount they can save you. Generally, you will owe an upfront fee plus a portion of your savings. 

Price by Amount of Bill

$5k – $15k $15k – $200k $200k+
Upfront fee $99 $499 Custom pricing
Percentage of savings 25% 10% N/A
Minimum charge $1000 $2500 Custom pricing
Savings threshold $2000 $3000 N/A

If your savings fall anywhere between $0 and the threshold amount, the minimum fee will be waived, and you will be charged 50% of the value of your savings instead. 

Visit Resolve Medical Bills

What to Look for in a Bill Negotiation Service

When shopping around for bill negotiation services, there are a few questions you need to ask. 

  1. What kind of bills do they negotiate?
  2. How much do they charge?
  3. Do they offer payment plans?
  4. Are their services available to you?

To help you sort through the list of best bill negotiation services we’ve presented, we’ve answered the above questions for you. 

Comparison of Bill Negotiation Services

Company Types of Bills Negotiated Fees Fee & Savings Example* Offers Payment Plans Additional Features
Truebill Cable, cell phone, home security 30% – 60% of 1 year Fee: $72 – $144
Savings: $576 – $648
No (unless you have a high total) Subscription management, credit score tracking, budget tools
Billshark Internet, phone, tv, mobile, home security  40% for 2 years Fee: $192
Savings: $528
Yes ($9) Subscription cancellation ($9)
Trim Phone, internet, cable, and wireless, credit card APR, medical  15% of 1 year Fee: $36
Savings: $684
No Medical bill and APR negotation not available in AK, AR, CT, DC, MA, RI & VT
BillCutterz Cell phone, TV, internet, phone, home security, satellite radio, electricity (TX only) 50%  Fee: $360($324 if you pay upfront)
Savings: $360 (or $396)
Yes Shopping insurance rates
BillTrim Cable, internet, home security, electricity, insurance 25% Fee: $180
Savings: $540
No 24hr turnaround time
BillFixers Cell phone, internet, phone, TV, radio, home security, subscriptions 50% of 1 year Fee: $120
Savings: $600
Yes Separate business services
Bill Advisor Cell phone, internet, TV, phone, insurance, utilities (limited), home security, subscriptions 50% or $12.99/month Fee: $360 or $155.88/year membership
Savings: $360
No Subscription model offers unlimited bill negotiations
Bill Saver Cell phone, internet, radio, TV 35% Fee: $252
Savings: $468
No Cancel services (tv, internet, etc.) for $50 each
Mint Internet, phone, tv, mobile, home security  40% for 2 years Fee: $192
Savings: $528
Yes ($9) Credit monitoring, budget tools, fee credit scores
CoPatient Medical bills 35% or custom **Fee: $1400
Savings: $2600
Undisclosed Parnters with employers
Resolve Medical Bills Medical bills $99 + 25%, $499 + 10%, or custom charge **Fee: $1099
Savings: $2901 
Undisclosed Partnership with non-profits

*Example calculated as a savings of $20/month for 3 years ($720).
**Example calculated on $10,000 worth of medical debt with $4000 saved.

How To Negotiate Bills Yourself

You can negotiate recurring monthly bills yourself; it just takes time. You’ll need to do your research first to see what promotions the company might be offering and what other customers are paying. 

When you contact your provider, you’ll need to be firm, and you might need to avoid “upgrade” options that promise extra services but don’t actually lower your bills. You’ll likely need to make several calls and/or speak to multiple individuals before getting results. 

You can also go the route of threatening to cancel your services, but be careful. While many companies employ a customer retention department that can extend you special offers, there are no guarantees that they will work with you. So you’ll need to be prepared to follow up on your cancelation threat. 

Are Bill Negotiation Services Worth It?

You can negotiate your bills yourself, but the process can be difficult, and you might not be able to get the best result. 

Companies that offer bill negotiation services can help lower your bills quicker and with more savings, but they charge a fee. Some companies charge as much as 50% for multiple years worth of savings. And not all companies offer payment plans. 

So, if they save you thousands, you find yourself stuck with a hefty bill even though you won’t see those savings for several months, if not years. 

💡 Considering this, it would be wise to try to negotiate yourself first, especially if you have just one or two bills you think are negotiable.  

If you have a stubborn company that refuses to negotiate with you, then hiring a bill negotiation company will be worthwhile; just make sure you take the time to choose the best bill negotiation service for your bill(s). 

How We Reviewed the Best Bill Negotiation Services

Many companies are out there offering bill negotiation services, and we have rounded up some of the best. But not all of these services are precisely the same.

To help compare these different services, we selected criteria that best highlight each company’s advantages as well as their downsides. 

Types of Bills Negotiated

Not all companies negotiate all types of bills. It’s important to ensure the company can negotiate the bill or bills that you want them to negotiate. 


Knowing what the fees are and how many years’ worth of savings they are applied to is key in determining your actual savings. 

Fee & Savings Example

To illustrate exactly how much of your savings will go to fees, we created an example. 

For regular bills, the bill negotiator saves you $20/month for a 3-year contract with your provider. This results in $720 in savings minus the bill negotiator’s fee.

For medical bills, the example presents a $10,000 medical bill which the negotiator can lower to $6000 for a total of $4000 saved minus fees.

Offers Payment Plans

Another critical factor with fees is payment terms. The savings are always calculated on a yearly basis.

Some services will charge their entire savings-based fee immediately, even though you won’t see your total savings for a year or more. That means you save money, but you need to pay out a lump sum of cash upfront.

Other services allow you to implement an installment plan, so you can pay the fee over the duration of your savings period.

Additional Features

When looking at the full value of a service, it’s important to consider all of its features. What is most important to you? Do you need a quick turnaround time? Do you have subscriptions you want to cancel? 

Or are you looking for an app that can do everything from monitor your credit to negotiate your bills?

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