Countless personal finance YouTube channels claim to offer advice that can turn your life around. Many of them offer bad advice, but there are some that really can help. The following are among the best. Take a look.

1. TruFinancials

TruFinancial channel banner

👍 Subscriber count: 72.2K.
🏆 Best for: Young adults interested in fintech solutions.

Run by Denis Trufin, TruFinancials is a relatively small channel with a loyal following. Starting in 2017, the channel initially offered generic advice on saving money, managing sudden wealth, and budgeting. However, it’s now evolved to offer comprehensive reviews of some of the most commonly used banking apps, platforms, and fintech solutions.

You’ll find quick yet valuable reviews, walkthroughs, and tutorials for popular financial apps, learn the basics of applying for loans and credit cards, and even get easy explanations of how crypto investing works.

2. The Financial Diet

The Financial Diet channel banner

👍 Subscriber count: 998K.
🏆 Best for: Beginners trying to get ahold of their finances.

The Financial Diet is one of the longest-standing personal finance YouTube channels, launched in 2015 by Chelsea Fagan and Lauren Van Hage. The two are far from finance experts, but they often collaborate with some to deliver relevant, accurate content on personal finances.

The channel is filled with videos covering topics budgeting and handling student debt to avoiding common financial scams, and much more. The best thing is that the videos are neatly organized into unique categories, so you can easily find the topics you’re interested in. Some of the most popular playlists include “Making It Work,” “Living with Debt,” “The Lifestyle Fix,” and “The 3-Minute Guide”.

If you want to get more from the channel, you can also take a look at the eponymous website to find more relevant articles, podcasts, and newsletters.

3. Ask Sebby

AskSebby channel banner

👍 Subscriber count: 269K.
🏆 Best for: Those interested in learning more about credit cards.

Run by Sebastian Fung, Ask Sebby is an excellent channel for learning all there’s to know about credit cards. Sebastian creates insightful credit card guides and reviews, giving you all the information you may need to choose the best card for your needs.

Though most of the content is designed to help you improve your traveling budget with smart card choices, you’ll also find plenty of videos on cards suitable for everyday shopping and grocery expenses, for instance. You can learn all you need to know about different types of bank accounts, popular finance apps, and more.

Sebastian keeps things informative and entertaining, so you might find his videos interesting even if you don’t need any assistance with personal finances.

4. Millennial on Fire

Millennial on Fire channel banner

👍 Subscriber count: 2.06K.
🏆 Best for: Those interested in obtaining financial independence and retiring early.

Millennial on Fire is a relatively new channel, started in May 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s not a traditional personal finance channel where you get specific instructions on attaining wealth. Instead, it’s a channel that presents the story of a typical middle-class American couple on their path to obtaining financial independence and retiring early (FIRE).

The videos on the channel are essentially diary entries where the couple shares their passive income plans, lifestyle, saving strategies, and more. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t learn from the content created. The videos are surprisingly insightful and inspirational, filled with practical advice, great tips, and effective saving strategies.

5. BeatTheBush

BeatTheBush channel banner

👍 Subscriber count: 369K.
🏆 Best for: Those who want to retire early and work on projects they enjoy.

BeatTheBush might be one of the most entertaining personal finance YouTube channels. Run by Francis, a retired engineer, the channel offers a great amalgamation of financial tips, career advice, credit card reviews, and budgeting strategies with a pinch of comedy stirred in between.

Francis believes frugality, smart spending, and credit card churning can only deliver positive outcomes.

6. Careers and Personal Finance by Khan Academy

Careers and Personal Finance by Khan Academy channel banner

👍 Subscriber count: 44.8K.
🏆 Best for: Those interested in career development.

Khan Academy has been posting educational videos on YouTube since 2017. However, as a non-profit organization, it’s been in the industry much longer – since 2008.

The main mission of the academy is to give everyone worldwide access to free, quality education. That’s why you’ll find countless tools, resources, and content covering an array of different topics directly on its website.

As far as its YouTube channel is concerned, Khan Academy has dozens of videos dedicated to professionals across industries. You’ll learn all about different professions, how much you can expect to make in different types of jobs, and how you can budget and plan for the future based on your occupation.

Khan Academy is more focused on education than entertainment, and its offerings are presented in an educational format.

7. Next Gen Personal Finance

Next Gen Personal Finance channel banner

👍 Subscriber count: 6.19K.
🏆 Best for: High schoolers and young adults who lack basic financial education.

Many teens and young adults complain about the lack of financial education in US high schools. While the top high schoolers can easily do complex equations or quote Shakespeare from memory, few know how to file their taxes or start building their credit history. Next Gen Personal Finance aims to change this.

Designed to introduce personal finance courses in schools across the US, Next Gen Personal Finance is primarily a teacher resource. However, its YouTube channel offers insightful information on the basics of finances, making it a great tool for teens and young adults trying to grasp complex financial concepts.

Most videos are under 5 minutes long, but they are highly informative and present complex concepts in easy-to-understand language.

8. Jumpstart YOUniversity

Jumpstart YOUniversity channel banner

👍 Subscriber count: 12.7K.
🏆 Best for: Those interested in career development in the financial industry.

Jumpstart YOUniversity isn’t so much of a YouTube channel focused on teaching you how to better manage your personal finances as it is a channel teaching you how to get into personal finances. Still, plenty of golden nuggets of financial advice are scattered throughout the videos.

The channel was started in 2013 by Dominique, a certified financial planner with years of industry experience.

All the videos are conveniently compiled into playlists, so you can easily search for the topics that interest you. Examples include personal finance and investing tips, interviews with industry experts, job interview advice, and more.

9. Graham Stephen

Graham Stephan channel banner

👍 Subscriber count: 4.19M.
🏆 Best for: Those interested in building passive income.

Graham Stephen is one of the most popular YouTubers in the personal finance field. He created the channel in 2016 and has been sharing advice on an array of financial topics for over seven years, with the cumulative views on his videos exceeding 499 million.

Though he’s primarily interested in real estate, he has hundreds of videos on passive income opportunities, retirement planning, boosting your credit score, and much more.

10. Debt Free in 30 

Debt Free in 30 channel banner

👍 Subscriber count: 8.36K.
🏆 Best for: Young adults trying to minimize debt.

Debt Free in 30 is a small YouTube channel that started in 2018. Though it has only around 8.36 thousand subscribers, it deserves many more.

The videos cover various topics, from tips on building your annual budget to advice on using your credit cards, applying for loans, prioritizing expenses when you’re short on cash, and more.

With most videos lasting about half an hour, this channel isn’t something you can check out during your 5-minute break. However, the videos are perfect for longer commutes as they offer entertainment and education simultaneously.

11. Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone channel banner

👍 Subscriber count: 2.31M.
🏆 Best for: Those interested in building up personal wealth.

Grant Cardone is a controversial character with as many haters as loyal followers. Still, there’s no denying that he can offer some great advice on personal finances. After all, there’s a reason why his subscribers number in the millions.

Cardone is an author, public speaker, sales trainer, and real estate mogul. His videos cover many topics, and you can easily find the topics you’re interested in by looking at his playlists. Some of the most helpful playlists include “How to Increase Your Income,” “1-on-1 Coaching with Grant Cardone”, and “Grant Cardone Motivational Tips.”

This is one you’ll either love or hate, but it’s worth a try to find out which!

12. Money Talks News

Money Talks News channel banner

👍 Subscriber count: 46.6K.
🏆 Best for: Money-saving strategies.

Money Talks News has a simple purpose: making it easier to save money. The channel was started in 2007 and has since accumulated a relatively small but loyal following.

You’ll find valuable videos on saving for retirement, building up your credit, and identifying saving opportunities. You’ll even find content on how to boost your savings with your pets.

Most of the videos are a bit long, lasting a little over half an hour, but you’ll be thoroughly immersed every minute.

13. Finance Tube

Finance Tube channel banner

👍 Subscriber count: 63.1K.
🏆 Best for: Those interested in building basic financial knowledge.

Finance Tube is all about making basic finances easier to understand. It’s the perfect channel for beginners who are utterly confused about budgeting, developing fiscal responsibility, starting their own business, and more.

Though Finance Tube is an Indian channel, the tips and advice offered are universal, regardless of your location. You’ll learn everything from building your wealth to starting your own business and making an elevator pitch.

14. Debt Free Millennials

Debt Free Millennials channel banner

👍 Subscriber count: 61.4K.
🏆 Best for: Young adults who need to pay off their student loans and live debt-free.

It’s all in the name. Debt Free Millennials is a YouTube channel for all those 90s kids who’ve suddenly found themselves drowning in student loan debt.

Starting the channel in 2017, Justine wanted to share advice with her peers on how she managed to pay off thousands in student loans with a $37,000 income within just a couple of years.

Her videos are ideal for young people worried about inflation, buried in student debt, struggling with home ownership, trying to make ends meet, and accumulating enough wealth to start families of their own.

15. Side Hustle Nation

Side Hustle Nation channel banner

👍 Subscriber count: 23.9K.
🏆 Best for: Those interested in boosting their income through side hustles.

Started in 2011 by Nick Loper, the Side Hustle Nation channel explores all the imaginable and unimaginable ways you can increase your income through side hustles.

Nick is an author, podcaster, and entrepreneur with plenty of inside information on the best side hustles you could start.

Regardless of your interests, preferences, and skill sets, you’ll find valuable advice on how you can start making more money. Whether you have a 3D printer you don’t know what to do with, a TikTok account you don’t know how to monetize, or a blog you’re struggling to lift off the ground, you’ll find great advice on making your side hustle pay off with Nick.

16. You Need a Budget (YNAB)

You Need A Budget (YNAB) channel banner

👍 Subscriber count: 118K.
🏆 Best for: Those stuck in the paycheck-to-paycheck loop.

You Need a Budget (YNAB) is a multi-platform budgeting platform that has been operating since 2008. Their YouTube channel shares videos on improving your budgeting and financial management skills.

The channel provides valuable tips on making the most out of the money you have available, cutting your costs, and making better financial decisions. You’ll find plenty of simple yet useful rules you can follow to get out of debt and break out of your paycheck-to-paycheck cycle.

17. His and Her Money

His And Her Money channel banner

👍 Subscriber count: 232K.
🏆 Best for: Families trying to get out of debt.

His and Her Money is a diverse channel where a couple, Talaat and Tai McNeely, talk about everything related to improving your finances and your life as a small family. You’ll gain valuable small business advice, tips on improving your credit, and even lifestyle tips on managing your relationship and finances as a married couple.

His and Her Money is a wholesome channel that will educate and entertain you while helping you find better ways to get out of debt and become financially independent together.

18. Nate O’Brien

Nate O'Brien channel banner

👍 Subscriber count: 1.29M.
🏆 Best for: Young adults struggling with productivity.

Nate O’Brien takes a unique approach to improving personal finances, focusing primarily on changing your mindset.

You’ll find countless videos on credit, making better financial decisions, and even investing. However, Nate places the strongest emphasis on teaching you how to be more productive, embrace the concept of minimalism, and develop healthier habits that will help you build financial stability.

19. Nick True – Mapped Out Money

Nick True - MappedOutMoney channel banner

👍 Subscriber count: 54.2K.
🏆 Best for: Young adults who want to save money and pursue their dreams.

At first glance, Nick True, the creator of the Mapped Out Money YouTube channel, wouldn’t strike you as even remotely financially savvy. He has somewhat of a hipster look, lives in a camper with his wife and pets, and travels the country.

However, you’ll be surprised to see just how insightful his videos are.

He offers advice based on his personal experiences, helping you better plan your budget, identify the best side hustle opportunities and even figure out the lifestyle that suits your habits, interests, and unique lifestyle.

20. Andrei Jikh

Andrei Jikh channel banner

👍 Subscriber count: 2.19M.
🏆 Best for: Adults looking for better career opportunities and trying to save money during a recession.

With over 2.19 million subscribers, you can rest assured that Andrei Jikh knows what he’s talking about. Starting his channel about six years ago, he’s been devoted to sharing practical financial tips and advice that can help you obtain financial independence ever since.

Andrei covers various topics, some on investing, others on budgeting, embracing the principles of minimalism, and learning to set goals and retire by 30.

Final Thoughts

Personal finance is a concept that’s relevant to us all, regardless of age, gender, or background. That’s why you’ll find so many books, podcasts, and YouTube channels covering related topics.

However, in the sea of personal finance content available online, it’s critical to determine which is best suited to your needs, unique situation, and overall lifestyle. Not all the advice out there is relevant to you, and some of it is just plain bad!

The YouTube channels mentioned above offer thousands upon thousands of hours of useful content that can help you manage your personal finances better. Check them out and see whether they suit your personal style and financial philosophy!

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