The average credit score in the US in 2021 was 714 calculated using the FICO scoring model[1]
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Experian is a consumer credit reporting company that collects and aggregates information on 235 million individual U.S. consumers and more than 25 million U.S. businesses.
. A credit score of 714 is considered ‘good’ by the FICO scoring model.

We decided to take look at data on demographic trends in credit scores and see what the average credit score looks like by age, race, and state.

Credit Score Distribution

FICO® Scores range from 300 to 850 and they are grouped into six categories:

  • Very poor: 300-579
  • Poor: 580-669
  • Fair: 601-660
  • Good: 670-739
  • Very good: 740-799
  • Exceptional: 800-850

Most Amercians’ credit scores fall into the ‘Good’ and ‘Very Good’ categories. Over 46% of Americans have a credit score of 750 or higher, while only around 15% have a credit score below 600[2]
Trusted source
FICO originally Fair, Isaac and Company, is a data analytics company focused on credit scoring services.

FICO® score ranges – distribution in the US

Credit Scores By Year

The average American credit score has been on the rise over the past decade, with the biggest increase happening from 2019 to 2021. In this three-year period, the average credit score increased by 12 points. Despite the pandemic, most Americans have managed to keep their credit scores in good standing. Federal relief programs, like stimulus checks and student loan payment freeze, have played a key role as well.

Year Avg. Credit Score
2021 714
2020 710
2019 702
2018 701
2017 699
2016 699
2015 695
2014 693
2013 691
2012 693
2011 689

Credit Scores By Age

Data from Experian, one of the three major credit reporting agencies, shows that people over 50 have the highest credit score on average. This is not surprising since older people have greater incomes, more credit history, and far more experience in managing credit.

Age Average Credit Score
Generation Z (18-24) 679
Millennials (25-40) 686
Generation X (41-56) 705
Baby boomers (57-75) 740
Silent Generation (76+) 760

Credit Scores By Race

In 2021, the highest average score was recorded by White communities with 727, followed by Hispanic communities with 667, and Black communities with 627.

Native American communities recorded the lowest average score with a 612 average.

Race Average Credit Score
White 727
Hispanic 667
Black 627
Native American 612

Average Credit Score By State

The state with the highest average credit score is Minnesota (742).

The state with the lowest credit score is Mississippi (681).

Although the credit scores have been rising in all states, that rise has been slowest in the Southern states. Midwestern states on the other hand have maintained the highest scores.

State Average Credit Score
Alabama 691
Alaska 717
Arizona 710
Arkansas 694
California 721
Colorado 728
Connecticut 728
Delaware 714
District of Columbia 717
Florida 706
Georgia 693
Hawaii 732
Idaho 725
Illinois 719
Indiana 712
Iowa 729
Kansas 721
Kentucky 702
Louisiana 689
Maine 727
Maryland 716
Massachusetts 732
Michigan 719
Minnesota 742
Mississippi 681
Missouri 711
Montana 730
Nebraska 731
Nevada 701
New Hampshire 734
New Jersey 725
New Mexico 699
New York 722
North Carolina 707
North Dakota 733
Ohio 715
Oklahoma 692
Oregon 731
Pennsylvania 723
Rhode Island 723
South Carolina 693
South Dakota 733
Tennessee 701
Texas 692
Utah 727
Vermont 736
Virginia 721
Washington 734
West Virginia 699
Wisconsin 735
Wyoming 722

American credit scores have held up even under stress from inflation and a generally declining economy. There are still some signs of stress.

Recent data from FICO indicate that average credit utilization is up from 29.6% to 31%, indicating higher balances. Young people in particular seem to be under stress. from 2010 to 2021, 33% of 18-to-29-year-olds in majority Black communities, 26% in majority Hispanic communities, and 21% in majority white communities saw their credit scores decline.

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