Tables on any website help to organize and present info in a way that’s both visually appealing and easy to grasp. While TablePress is one of the most popular plugins to add a table to your WordPress website, there are a number of TablePress alternatives that you can consider, too.

A concise table can present information succinctly, helping visitors grasp an overview of data in an instant. Tables help users to scan and digest information on any website quickly. Visitors can use tables to compare and contrast different pieces of information or to find a specific information that they are looking for. Tables add structure to website content and positive user experience to visitors.

If you need to add a table to your website, consider these TablePress alternatives to see which best fits your purpose. Here are some features to look for:

  • Ability to add as many rows and columns as you want, customize the table and make it responsive.
  • Sources from where you can access data for your table, including manual creation of tables.
  • Options to duplicate tables, import and export them.
  • Frontend editing options and adding user restrictions.
  • Formulas and calculations in the editor.
  • Adding animations and embedding media in cells, or interactive tooltips.
  • Scrolling, pagination, sorting, filtering and searching options for visitors.
  • Light and performance-oriented, TablePress alternatives should integrate smoothly with other plugins and tools you use.

Best TablePress alternatives in 2023

1. Visualizer

First on this list of TablePress alternatives is Visualizer, a plugin that offers multiple options to visualize data including interactive Tables, Charts, Timelines, and Candlesticks. With templates that you can import and substitute with your own data, creating tables and charts is a breeze with Visualizer.

⚙ Key features of Visualizer include:

  • 15 different types of charts (three free and twelve pro), besides custom chart creation.
  • A number of Settings options to control the style and display of the table.
  • Importing data from various sources like CSV, Excel, Google Spreadsheets, or URL.
  • Save the table as an image in the Media Library.
  • Options to freeze the Header and Footer.
  • Enable visitors to sort, scroll, print, copy and download the table.

The free Visualizer plugin offers three chart types and allows you to import the data from multiple sources. For additional 12 types of charts, database import and an in-browser Excel-like editor, select from premium plans.

💳 Price: Free, with premium plans at $99/year, $199/year, and $399/year.

2. Otter Blocks

TablePress alternatives - Otter Blocks

Otter Blocks works in tandem with Gutenberg to help you build more advanced page layouts, and also add a couple of unique sections to those layouts. One of the custom block types that you can use is the pricing comparison table. Granted, this is a very specific type of table, but if finding original ways to show your products’ pricing is what you need, then Otter is your TablePress alternative!

Here’s what those pricing tables can look like:

Otter Blocks pricing tables

⚙ Apart from the pricing tables, you also get tons of other types of blocks, such as:

  • Advanced Heading Block, Accordion Block, Tabs Block, Lottie Animation, Countdown Block, Product Review Block, and many more

Otter also comes with a whole pattern library which you can use to kick-start your page creation and speed up the whole process considerably.

The free version of the plugin is a great option to add a simple pricing table and customize it quickly while working within the Gutenberg editor. However, to add more advanced features such as block conditions, you can consider purchasing a license.

💳 Price: Free, with premium plans at $39/year/site, $99/year for up to five sites, and $149/year for unlimited sites.

3. Ninja Tables

Ninja Tables offers eight different tables to organize and showcase your data across devices. In particular, it’s well suited to ecommerce websites to present products neatly organized in tables. You can have dynamic data in your tables – text, numbers, date, select box, multimedia, buttons, and links. Plus, you’ll be able to match your tables to your brand with an unlimited coloring panel, animations, custom CSS/JS, drag-and-drop arrangement, frontend editing, and table styling options. Global appearance settings ensure your tables display uniformly, though you can alter the appearance for individual tables.

⚙ Other key features include:

  • Optimized for performance, so your tables load quickly.
  • Integrations – create tables with Fluent Forms, WooCommerce, Google Sheets.
  • Connect to Google Sheets, external CSV or Custom SQL Query.
  • 100+ table styles, including Pricing and Product tables.

The plugin with limited features is available for free download. For features like permissions, icons, images and frontend editing, you’ll need to purchase a license.

💳 Price: Free, with optional plans at $55/year/site, $90/year for 20 sites, and $209/year for unlimited sites.

4. wpDataTables

To create tables and charts quickly from different data sources like Excel, CSV, JSON, PHP, or XML, try wpDataTables. It automatically displays huge and complicated data in crisp tables and charts, and works like a spreadsheet app. And since it uses an Excel-like editor, you can directly add sums to your tables. wpDataTables is a versatile option to tabulate prices or to compare historical data, employee statistics, products in Amazon, and more.

⚙ You’ll also find these key features:

  • Create huge tables with millions of rows in minutes, no configuration required.
  • Display data from multiple databases like MySQL, MS SQL and PostgreSQL, as well as from private Google spreadsheets.
  • Higlight rows, columns or cells, add advanced filters and search, placeholders and use calculating tools.
  • Addons to extend functionality.

Besides the free plugin with basic features, there are premium options that help to create tables manually, via Google Sheets API, from database, and post types. Paid plans also allow customization, advanced filtering, conditional formatting, Excel-like editing, frontend editing, and adding calculation tools.

💳 Price: Free, with premium plans at $59/year/site, $109/year for three sites and $249/year for unlimited sites.

5. Data Tables Generator by Supsystic

Data Tables Generator by Supsystic creates interactive, responsive tables that can handle huge amounts of data. The tables are SEO-friendly and can be tailored to suit specific purposes and designs. The Settings panel is intuitive and you can choose to add sorting, filtering, search, and pagination to the tables. Data Tables Generator can be an ideal fit for an online store or any business organization.

⚙ Other key features include:

  • Unlimited rows and columns, formulas and HTML support.
  • Add images, links and videos to the tables.
  • Import of data from multiple sources: Excel, Google Sheets, XML, JSON, and CSV.
  • Add diagrams, datepicker, conditional formatting, and frontend editing to cells.
  • Convert cell content into an icon with tooltip or add a button to open a page with contact form.
  • Add editable fields to select cells to enable editing for that cell at the frontend.
  • Add dropdown to highlighted cell to change cell value.

You’ll need to opt for premium plans for features like WooCommerce Product table, database source, frontend editing, lightbox, enabling AJAX and Roles, and export and import of tables.

💳 Price: Free, with lifetime licenses at $89/site, $149 for five sites and $299 for unlimited sites. Annual licenses start at $49.

6. WP Table Builder

WP Table Builder is a drag-and-drop table editor that packs in seven individually customizable elements in its free version: text, button, images, star rating, list, custom HTML, and shortcode. It adds a toolbar as you hover over each cell to help you drag any element into the cell, or to duplicate, or delete it. It’s a versatile option to create comparison tables, pricing tables, list tables, and more.

⚙ These key features will help you build and customize your table:

  • Change settings to adjust alignment, color, size, links, and more.
  • Enable user roles and allow frontend editing.
  • Cell management mode with options to add new rows and columns, merge or split cells, and more.
  • Import/export single or multiple tables from/to CSV or XML files.

You’ll need to select from premium plans for additional elements like circle rating, icons, styled list, progress bar or badge. Premium options also allow global setting for fonts, different border colors, sticky first row and column, and pagination and search functionality.

💳 Price: Free, with premium plans at $49/year/site or $69/year for ten sites. A lifetime license will cost $249.

Conclusion 🧐

If presenting data is an important part of your website, you really ought to look at these TablePress alternatives:

  • Otter Blocks – great for pricing tables and other original blocks of content.
  • Visualizer – whenever you need to visualize data in more ways than just a table.
  • Ninja Tables – great for an ecommerce site since it has a lot of options for customized product tables.
  • wpDataTables – great for feature-rich tables with a lot of extra features.
  • Data Tables Generator – those tables can handle tons of data effectively.
  • WP Table Builder – for drag-and-drop table building.

What do you think of these solutions? Does any of them stand out as the right TablePress alternative for what your needs are?

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